About Us

Brass Tacks, in this version 2.0, exists today because we wanted to challenge the notion that design and production can be seen as two distinctly separate functions. In the context of craft, we’ve found that the materials and the process of making itself inform us, guiding us toward design ideas and an aesthetic that wouldn’t have occurred to us otherwise.

 From 2007 – 2019, we ran a clothing label with stores in Chennai, Bangalore and online. We had our own tailoring unit, and we sourced hand-crafted textiles to make simple, clean silhouettes. After a hiatus of a few years, we’re back with a similar ethos, but leaner and lighter this time around so we can focus on design and iterations, without concerning ourselves as much with the day to day pressures of a business cycle. We learned weaving ourselves, and we’d like to explore textile crafts more deeply now, keeping the silhouettes simple and classic.

 We intend to produce limited edition collections, as and when we feel ready, and we’re open to collaborations that allow us to immerse ourselves in craft processes.

 You can learn more about the founder, Anaka Narayanan, here.